mimi jardine



I am a conceptual artist afflicted with a preoccupation with the existence of litter.  Born in Mobile, Alabama, where I attended The Julius Tutwiler Wright College Preparatory Day School for Girls, I was a victim of green-washing by the Keep America Beautiful campaign.  

While majoring in Drawing and Painting at The University of Georgia in Athens, I participated in the study-abroad program in Cortona, Italy, where my obsession with litter and wastefulness was offered a counterpoint and, in turn, a sense of hopefulness.  

As the creator of The Office of Environmental Responsibility, I was awarded Scottsdale Museum of Art's Good N’ Plenty Grant to fund the Mobile Remittance Unit.  In 2015, I was listed in Jackalope Ranch’s 100 Phoenix Creatives. I am an alumna of Eye Lounge and a founding member of ArtFarm Collective in Phoenix, Arizona.  

Currently I am living as an expat in the south of France.

For more information about The Office of Envrionmental Responsibility, please visit:  www.theofficeofenvironmentalresponsibility.org